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“I’m quite happy to tell you all day, everyday, what we do and how we do it and the impact that it has on so many businesses – but the best people to tell you are our customers, in their testimonials.” John Millar

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“Taking the decision to be coached and trained by John Millar was carefully considered after experiencing those who over promised and under delivered. I am pleased to say the content of his courses are the tools we all need to master as business owners. His delivery is engaging, thought provoking and empowering and after every session l came away re-energised. John always makes himself available for business building advice both via Skype and face to face beyond the scope of delivery. With his extensive personal experience in building small businesses, he knows and understands what it takes to establish and grow a business. I have no hesitation endorsing John Millar as an educator and business coach and the bonus is he is a very nice person.”

Anne Lederman Managing Director FB Salons

“In my dealings with John as our business coach, I have found him to be a motivated and insightful agent of positive change. He is able to burrow down to the root cause of issues and introduce effective forms of measurement. John then identifies and implements practical solutions and is there to provide the gentle persuasion required to ensure that results are achieved.”

Wendy Crawford – Peopleworx

You have coached and trained us so well throughout the year that we are now used to & find it easy to prepare a 90-day plan, then break it down to actionable bite size pieces. Planning in business & personal life certainly is important. It allows us to identify the important things & the bigger picture. Thank you for your support & guidance throughout the year. And not to mention your insight, external perspective to review & assist our business moving forward.
Kind Regards,

Mark Felton – Lindale Insurances

“If you want to achieve sales results you never thought were possible and give your self a competitive edge my strong suggestion is to engage John services and listen closely to what John has to say. During the time I was trained by John, I was one of eight sales consultants in a national business and for 10 out of the 13 months I lead the sales tally and, in one quarter, I generated three times the revenue of the national sales force combined. Johns training and experience was well worth the investment and paid big dividends. Thanks, John.”

Linda Turner – Director Roy A McDonald Certified Practicing Accountants

“John is a very enthusiastic trainer and business coach. He is very passionate about getting business owners and their team where they need to be. He goes the extra mile to keep ahead of the latest developments, which he then uses to benefit his clients.”

Julian Fadini – Bellvue Capital

“I have been to a few seminars and heard John speak numerous times about sales, marketing and business. He is a very knowledgable and extremely enthusiastic business coach in all his interactions and I would recommend him to all business owners who need a sales and marketing boost!”

Darren Reddy CPA

“I worked with John Millar and found his business knowledge, passion and innovation to be inspiring. He has always been able to set (and achieve) strategic long and short term goals both for himself and his clients without losing that personal connection he builds with everyone he meets. He has been and I believe will continue to be a strong mentor and trainer for anyone wanting to take that next step in their business.”

Andrew Heath – Managing Director – Fresh Living Group

“Massive Action Day” – what an understatement, John Millar’s 4-hour frenzy challenged me to seriously review areas of my business I would not have gone to …. In this way, the process identified incongruences in my mind, my business and my modus operandi. It’s created a paradigm shift. Thanks John, the road map just got a whole lot clearer. Your friendship and insights since 2003 have been a gift to my business and me.

Andrew Reay – Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Counsellor – Thinkshift Transformations”

“I and many of my Business Partners and colleagues have worked with John in the since 2010 and found him to be an extremely motivational person to assist us achieve our business goals.  His very professional coaching programs are extremely good value for money and is easily accessible for all of us who are time poor. If you are looking to maximize your and your business’s results and to start achieving your goals and dreams, contact John; you won’t look back!!”

Mark Cleland – Mortgage Choice

“I have known John since 2004 and found him to be extremely knowledgeable in both Sales and Business systems as a business coach without peer. John has provided me with business advice as well as personal coaching over the years, helping me with the running of my organisation. I’m impressed with John’s DVD series where he has condensed a lot of the information in an easy to follow format that any business owner can use immediately. I wish he had released these DVDs earlier, as they are a goldmine of information, and practical how to that allow anyone to increase the profit in their business and get back valuable wasted time.”

Steve Psaradellis – Managing Director – TEBA

“In my dealings with John as our business coach, I have found him to be a motivated and insightful agent of positive change. He is able to burrow down to the root cause of issues and introduce effective forms of measurement. John then identifies and implements practical solutions and is there to provide the gentle persuasion required to ensure that results are achieved.”

Mark Felton – Lindale Insurances

“I only met John briefly at a BNI meeting and knew instantly i need to hire him for my business as my business coach. His attitude towards work and how to improve my cash line had an instant effect on before, even before I finally hired him on an official basis. I found myself thinking “what would John do” and this was only after just meeting him. I cannot see my business expend and give me “More Profit Less Time” without John’s expert direction and training. If you want to succeed in business life, you need John Millar, without him you’re just kidding yourself ”

Leslie Cachia – Managing Director – Letac Drafting

“John Millar is not your usual Business coach or trainer. He gets involved with you and your business and provides hands-on help to make sure you follow through on his advice. He is highly motivated to help his clients and his personal guarantee certainly shows this. He has now transposed his thoughts, advice and love of good business onto a series of DVD’s in his business venture – More Profit Less Time. This has excellent tips and advice for anyone either starting out or already in business. I highly recommend John to any business owner who wants to run a business and not a j.o.b.!”

Darren Cassidy – Managing Director – HR2U

“I first met John Millar  in mid-2010 and have always found him to be of an honest and generous character that engenders an easy association with him.  I love how easy he is to listen to and how passionate he is about his work and topics.  John demonstrates a love for life and his work and I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Kathie M Thomas – Managing Director – VA

“John develops real relationships with the people he comes into contact with. He is passionate about what he does. His DVD and group training series, is full of good ideas and process to make you business better. Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two different things. John is excellent at helping you get things done.”

Carey Rudd – Sales Director – Online Knowledge

“John knows his stuff, he knows how the get results, John has so many great ideas in building a business and helping business owners work less and make more money. John has released a DVD set on doing just that. I have watched the 1st one and it was great, very informative and easy to understand, I happily recommend John to anyone in need of help and guidance.”

Frank Eramo – Proprietor – Dynotune

“John is the best thing that has happened to my business. I could tell you about the way he is on track to make 1/2 a million for me on his contacts alone, but that actually sells him short, he has become my partner in business, and cares about my success as if it was his own, we will flourish because I took the step to employ him to help me grow. If you get a chance to get him training you, don’t wait like I did, get in as quickly as possible, his time is your business and if like me your business is to make money, then every day you don’t have him on retainer you lose money.”

Russell Summers – Managing Director – The Give Life Centre

“It’s usually easy to be mediocre in business but it’s impossible when you have John Millar training you. He has been my right hand since 2003!”

David Manser – CFO – Hydrosteer.

“I now have a commercial, profitable business and now its my choice when I work in my business and when I work ON it and have had john helping me in business since 1988. I can’t imagine not having John as a part of our business.”

David Wall – Director – D&K Transport

“The work John has done since 2008 coaching and training our marketing team, administration and finance teams, buyers, store managers and staff nationally has been fantastic.”

Ross Sudano – Director – Anaconda Adventure Stores

“John is a creative, professional, practical and committed business coach and trainer.  His approach since we first met him in 1994 to working with a client team through the application of useful tools, information and anecdotes along with his easy going & easy to understand delivery sets him apart from other business coaches that I have used in the past.”

Anthony Beasley – Director – The Astra Group

“I have worked with John Millar for the since 2004 and I didn’t think it was possible to achieve what we have achieved together. His business coaching, training and services just get better and better!”

Terrance Chong – Managing Director – Echo Graphics and Printing.

“John’s business coaching, training and support has transformed our business across Australia and New Zealand since 2008.”

Rose Vis – Managing Director – VIP Australia

“We first met John in 2005, he is AMAZING at sales, marketing, operations, logistics, finance training and so much more. Since engaging John as our business coach our business has exploded, our team are happy, our clients are raving about us and my husband and I now take at least 12 weeks holidays a year, EVERY year.”

Shirley Du – Director – Goldline Technology

“It’s the no nonsense results driven business coaching and training focus John bought to the table that had such a massive effect on our business.”

David Runkel – Director – Tracomp Fabrication and Steel

“We started working with John in early 2010, within 90 days of working with and being trained by John Millar we had the biggest and most profitable month in our 15 year history. That’s impressive.”

Hugh Gilchrist – Managing Director – Australian Moulding Company

“If you don’t have John as your business trainer you aren’t meeting your business potential.”

Don Robertson – Director – Medallion Electrical Services

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